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Shandong Xiangyu Aviation Technology Service Co., Ltd. attaches great importance to the personnel education and training, vigorously implement the strategy of developing enterprise through human resource, with scientific development and talent concept as the guidance, staff competence-building as the core, adhering to the overall situation of service, people-centered, "fair competition, merit-oriented to realize the best potential". Great efforts have been made to improve the scientific education and training, strengthening the construction of learning-oriented enterprise, and continuously promoting the scientific development of the company.

Relying on the resource advantages of the Training Institutions of Shandong Aviation Group, the company actively carries out cooperation within the group and between different enterprises, as well as international exchanges, gradually builds the strategic external network of talent training, boasting high-level training team focusing on staff education and training and skills training

The company has a series of training management policies on training needs research, planning, budget management, training implementation, quality assessment, incentive performance and results evaluation to ensure the annual training coverage, training effectiveness and training quality.


The company focuses on the correlation between training and examination appraisal, job shifting, duty rotation exercise, reward and punishment incentives, and skill training/expertise competition, establishing an employee career education system with management quality training, knowledge skills training and corporate culture training as the main content in order to maximize the benefits of education and training.

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