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Development process

Take off

1999.12 Shandong Xiangyu Aviation Technology Services Co., Ltd. was officially incorporated;

2000.07 The General Administration of Civil Aviation of China issues the maintenance certification to the company (No #:D.2263);

2001.08 The company was identified as high-tech incubation enterprise;

2004.02 The company's maintenance project has been expanded to 353 items involving a total of 968 part numbers;


2005.09 The company 3000 square meters of new plant put into use;

2006.05 The company added aircraft life-saving equipment maintenance capability, obtained the approval from the airworthiness authority;

2009.09 The company obtained the joint maintenance management certification issued by the Civil Aviation Administration of China;


2010.12 The company obtained high-tech enterprises certification;

2013.03 The company obtained VAR-5 maintenance certificate issued by the Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam;

2013.10 The company obtained the maintenance certificate issued by the Korean Civil Aviation Administration;

2014.03 The company obtained the EASA-145 maintenance certificate issued by EASA;

2014.06 Qingdao Repair Station officially put into operation;

2014.12 The company's annual release volume exceeds 10,000 pieces;


2015.03 The company obtained the PMA parts manufacturer's approval letter from the Civil Aviation Administration of China;

2015.10 The company's Xiamen repair station officially put into operation;

2015.12 The Company obtained FAA-145 certificate issued by FAA;

2016.08 Heat exchanger shop put into use;

2017.02 New Wheel shop put into use;

2017.08 The OEM high-end integrated computer test platform ATEC6 put into use;

2017.09  Chongqing repair station officially put into operation;

2017.12 The company's annual income exceeds 100 million RMB;

2018.04 The company has obtained AS9100 and AS9110 quality management system certification issued by SAIGlobal (SAI International Certification Service Co., Ltd.);

         2019.02 The company was rated as technology-based small and medium-sized enterprise

         2019.07 The company was rated as specialized and special new enterprise in Shandong Province;

         2019.11 The company was rated Jinan Enterprise Technology Center

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